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Contributions from G8LSD

Allan Wyatt
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10 GHz Portable in 1968

10.1 GHz Personal Wideband Beacon

2K25 Klystron and Mount

723A/B X-Band Reflex Klystron microwave valve oscillator.

An Assortment of WG16 Components

Cross Channel Microwaves 1934 Style



The Mullard CL8630 Gunn Oscillator Module a 10 GHz source.

Operating Portable on the Cockayne Ridge North Yorkshire in May 1997

The Pascall Module a 10 GHz Gunn oscillator and mixer diode unit for the PW EXE.

The Practical Wireless EXE 10 GHz wideband transceiver design.

The Range Max X-Band Doppler Module

The Solfan X-Band Doppler Modules


STC V233A/1K Heil Tube

Wayne Kerr Wavemeter

The Wessex X-Band Gunn Modules

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