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Wayne Kerr Wavemeter

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This wavemeter was a gift from the late G2DSP. Normally these wave-meters were found in metal cases with the micrometer mounted horizontally in the centre of the face-plate of the case. The cable from the diode detector to the BNC socket has been removed to show the diode. The mechanism is new and came in the original box.

Final inspection certificate shows the serial number. This number links with the calibration chart and the body of the instrument itself.

The wavemeter works by mechanically adjusting the cavity to resonance, when coupled to a source of RF, and noting the dip in the meter reading. The top quality micrometer is coupled to the top-plate of the cavity. The micrometer reading is related to the frequency by means of an individually produced calibration chart.

The whole assembly is 142 mm long from base to tip of the micrometer locking screw.

Only the finest wavemeters were fitted with the ultra accurate 2 inch micrometer heads. See also 10 GHz Wavemeter.

The detector diode is a CV7181 and the housing is fitted with a left-hand thread.
The Moore & Wright micrometer has a maximum diameter of 52 mm.
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