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This museum has been established to record the developments through the decades of the contributions to microwave communications that have been made by the amateur radio community in the UK and much more is waiting to be added.
Any equipment for photographing should be accompanied by a short write-up. Ideally this write-up should be emailed as a .txt file. This article text needs to give not only a description of the item and possibly its place in microwave developments, but also details of age, band, owner's callsign, function of the equipment and the most significant dimensions so the users of the museum can get a feel for the scale.
Any technical articles that can be posted to me (QTHR) will be returned either by post or at Crawley or Martlesham. Items of historical interest such as photographs of historic events or operating etc. can be sent or emailed to me - allan@virtual-museums.org.
Allan G8LSD
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